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Product GPS i Measure 2x


Wall-Mounted Ion Meter

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Product Description

The GPS iMEASURE is the first commercially available ion detector that can be permanently mounted in the space to measure ion levels in real time and report back to a BMS.


  • Auto Calibration

  • Auto Zero

  • 0–10 VDC Output for BAS Monitoring 24/7

  • Watchdog Timer

  • Bi-Color LED

  • 0–1,000,000 ions/cc Range


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  • Input Voltage 12–24 VDC
  • Amps 100 mA
  • Power Consumption 2.4 watts
  • Unit Dimensions 2.0"L × 4.25"W × 3.25"H
  • Unit Weight 0.49 lbs
  • Output Voltage 0–10 VDC
  • Ion Sensing Range 0–1,000,000 (-) ions
  • Output Impedance 1,000 ohms
  • BAS Scaling Adjustable
  • Humidity Range 0–90% RH non-condensing
  • Internal Jumper Adjusted in field to desired ion range
  • Compliance OSHPD Seismic (OSP)

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