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Product 122130 Saddle Bent


Duct Mounted Saddle Accessory for Ionization Systems

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Product Description

The DM-S™ is a single adaptable saddle solution for installing the GPS® DM-2™ onto varying round duct diameters of 6” and up.

The DM-S™ saddle installation accessory is sold separately from NPBI™ systems.


  • Quick turn adapter connection for ionizer

  • Adaptable skeleton can be set to multiple round surface duct profiles

  • Multi-point fastener collar with foam gasket for sealing against duct

  • Flexible membrane seals saddle body


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  • Ionizers supported DM-2™
  • Unit Dimensions 8.5”W x 6.5”H x 2” L
  • Duct types supported Solid 6” Dia round and up
  • Weight 0.5 lbs

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