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Office Buildings

GPS recognizes the urgent need for safe, effective air purification solutions.

Office Buildings

Create a safer environment for employees and visitors

Employees want to feel confident that their employer is doing everything possible to deliver a clean, safe workplace. Most businesses have protocols for cleaning procedures, face coverings and even modified floor plans to promote a cleaner, healthier environment. But indoor air quality is also an important consideration.

GPS patented NPBI® technology targets particles and limits the spread of airborne viruses and other pathogens, making indoor spaces safer for employees and visitors.

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Safer, fresher indoor air

GPS NPBI products safely and effectively improve indoor air quality in more than 250,000 locations including small businesses, major corporations and everything in between. In addition to particle and pathogen reduction, NPBI helps tackle odor-causing VOCs and allows HVAC systems to run more efficiently. This keeps the air smelling fresher and total energy costs lower.

Nationwide branch rollout at one of the largest banks in the U.S.

Government buildings in more than 20 cities

Offices for some of Forbes’s 2020 Most Valuable Brands